Steps to Make Money Efficiently on MTurk

Learn all the best tools and approach for maximum earning efficiency on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

You could make the purchase price by this time tomorrow.

What is MTurk?

Launched in 2005, Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowd work platform, owned and operated by Amazon. Major companies like Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, Amazon itself and a long list of others post tasks on the platform. Academic institutions and Individuals also post tasks on MTurk. An army of independent workers get paid to complete these varying tasks, on a per task basis. This is where you come in.

Example MTurk Task Scenario:
YouTube needs to keep its site content and community safe, so YouTube posts a moderation task on MTurk. Here, thousands of videos are manually reviewed by workers on MTurk who look for specified elements, such as violence, profanity etc. Workers label the videos accordingly, and are paid a fixed amount per video they moderate and label. This is only one example out of thousands, as task types vary widely.

You will learn how to properly sign up, and have yourself setup to begin earning.

You will learn about the right digital tools and approach to different aspects of working on the platform, and maximizing your time.

You will learn how to discern between good and bad tasks, to maximize your earning rate on MTurk.

It's a great time to actually work from home

Unlike most “work from home” opportunities, with MTurk, you are guaranteed to start making money immediately you are fully signed up. Thousands of varying tasks are available to be completed 24/7, and you can dive right in.

This ebook ensures that you learn all the best practices and tools available to help you earn a decent amount on MTurk. It ensures that you are set apart from those who sign up on MTurk and make very little. Simply because they are working with inefficient processes.

About the Author - Tim Wallace

I have been an active user of the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform over the last ten years. Both as a Worker, and occasionally as a Requester. Many years of learning and growing on the platform has been condensed into this guide. I am confident that its contents will put you on the right path to making the best of MTurk, and earning as efficiently as possible.

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  1. When/how do I receive my ebook?
    Upon payment, your ebook is immediately available as a downloadable PDF file. You will also receive an email confirmation containing the download access information.
  2. How soon can I start making money?
    As soon as your Amazon MTurk account is approved. Typically within 24 hours.
  3. How much can I make on MTurk?
    Ah, that first sweet dollar. Like any other endeavor, your earnings will mirror your effort. That said, expect to earn anywhere from $500 – $1500/month. This will increase over time, as you gain experience. This book puts you on the speed lane towards that. There are “Turkers” consistently making over $3,000/month.
  4. Who can sign up on MTurk?
    Any US Citizen or US Resident, 18 and over. Citizens of other countries may be approved, but with limitations.
  5. How do I pay, and is my payment information safe?
    Payments are processed via PayPal (credit cards too), and your financial information is never entered on this site or shared with this site. So yes, your payment information is 100% safe.

You could earn the purchase amount by this time tomorrow

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